Hoxton website

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen is well known amongst the East London trendy for gigs and boutique beers however their food menu and dining experience remained a mystery to many. Their website, although functional, frequently visited and kept up to date, was not optimised for mobile phones and portable devices (which many diners use) and felt retro (in a bad way).

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Super simple custom module


Creating custom modules is handy for when you need to hook into and modify Drupal features or add new functionality without hacking core files or overloading your theme. Creating a custom module is really easy, in fact you only really need 2 files to get started...

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Cecile Park Conferences website

Cecile Park Conferences

London based Cecile Park Publishing wanted a website to advertise and sell passes to all of their Law conferences from one place. The site was developed with Drupal and Ubercart and tied in with their existing payment gateway of choice, Secure Trading. The aim of this website was to allow conference organisers at Cecile Park Publishing to be able to create their own microsites for conferences complete with color customisation, branding, registration page and an e-commerce checkout that linked to Cecile Park Conferences secure trading account.

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Scope Share your story website screenshot

Share your story

Working in a team of designers and developers at Catch Digital in SOHO London I helped deliver a visually rich, complex and accessible website. Theming Drupal to this level with AJAX, JQuery animations and multiple colour schemes represented sizeable challenges to our team as we went about developing over 10 different site-specific Drupal modules and worked closely together using SVN and Features.

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Value Calculator screenshot

Partnership Value Calculator

A high profile client needed a sales tool to help them pitch to prospective clients around Europe and the solution proposed was to develop a multilingual, Drupal powered website which would allow the sales team to log in and create Fusion Charts powered presentations from dynamically calculated figures. I wrote a module that allowed the sales team to enter figures which would calculate predicted revenue increases based on calculations provided to me.

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Winsor & Newton screenshot

Mediums finder

The Mediums finder is a great example of how Drupal can be used effectively on smaller scale microsite and widget builds. The widget was designed to be displayed in an iFrame on both Winsor & Newtons current website (a non Drupal website) and on Facebook as an app linked to their company page.

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Meet the TA screenshot

Meet the Technical Architects

Whilst working as a developer at the Crocodile Integrating Marketing in London, I got given the task of developing a CMS powered animated map for EMC Computers. Flash was chosen as the platform by the client and Expression Engine was chosen as the CMS to power the microsite as it was flexible, Flash-friendly and rapid to deploy. The site contains multi-lingual contact and campaign information for European EMC partners and was built in ActionScript 3 using Object Oriented Programming to ensure future development work could be easily performed.

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