Partnership Value Calculator

A high profile client needed a sales tool to help them pitch to prospective clients around Europe and the solution proposed was to develop a multilingual, Drupal powered website which would allow the sales team to log in and create Fusion Charts powered presentations from dynamically calculated figures. I wrote a module that allowed the sales team to enter figures which would calculate predicted revenue increases based on calculations provided to me. I was also responsible for the design of the site and integrated the professional version of Fusion charts with the data from the calculations.

  • Drupal deployment
  • Drupal site-specific custom module development
  • Drupal theming
  • Drupal i18n translation and localisation
  • Interface design
  • Localisation and translation within a set design
  • Cross browser testing ie6+ whilst still maintaining AJAX and Fusion Charts
  • Fusion charts API
  • CAGR conversions and calculations

Fusion Charts and Drupal
(and it's multilingual)

Bar chart

Fusion Charts commercial was purchased for use on this project and integrated with Drupal using views and the Fusion Charts API. The outcome was a fully branded presentation generator tailored to the clients specific needs that would use market data to illustrate potential revenue increase with corporate partnership. The end result was a firewall and login protected multilingual Drupal powered sales tool that was used across Europe to help sell large scale IT solutions to corporate clients.