AJAX commands in Drupal 7

Drupal AJAX JQuery JSON

One killer feature of Drupal 7 is the ability to use AJAX commands outside of FORM API allowing back-end and front-end developers to leverage high performance and solid JSON responses. JSON AJAX commands can be used simply and solidly in Drupal 7 to update blocks, nodes, pages and basically any element of a page...

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Share your story

Working in a team of designers and developers at Catch Digital in SOHO London I helped deliver a visually rich, complex and accessible website. Theming Drupal to this level with AJAX, JQuery animations and multiple colour schemes represented sizeable challenges to our team as we went about developing over 10 different site-specific Drupal modules and worked closely together using SVN and Features.

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Mediums finder

The Mediums finder is a great example of how Drupal can be used effectively on smaller scale microsite and widget builds. The widget was designed to be displayed in an iFrame on both Winsor & Newtons current website (a non Drupal website) and on Facebook as an app linked to their company page.

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